International Review for Social Sciences

Welcome to KYKLOS

Founded in 1947, KYKLOS publishes research on political economy worldwide, containing contributions from scholars of international status.
It emphasises contributions dealing with real world issues, as well as economic policy applications, and encourages unorthodox approaches with a sound analytical base.

Reiner Eichenberger (Fribourg)
Alois Stutzer (Basel)
David Stadelmann (Bayreuth)

Honorary Editors:
René L. Frey (Basel)
Bruno S. Frey (Zurich)

Academic Editorial Board:
George A. Akerlof (Berkeley)
Tim Besley (LSE)
Geoffrey Brennan (Canberra)
Ernst Fehr (Zurich)
Robert Frank (Cornell)
Daniel Kahneman (Princeton)
Justin Yifu Lin (Beijing)
Douglass C. North (St. Louis)
Hans-Werner Sinn (Munich)