International Review for Social Sciences

Guidelines for Manuscripts

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Submission of Manuscripts

  • Text, title page and abstract should be sent as an unencoded e-mail attachment in a Word or PDF file to; figures should be send separately or embedded in the main file.
  • A PDF submission is only sufficient for initial review purposes, but a Word or rtf version is essential for publication.
  • In the event that you do not receive an acknowledgment from us within one working week, convert your paper to a PDF and upload it using the upload form. Please be sure to enter all the information requested.

General Requirements

  • Language: English
  • Length: Maximum 35 pages (1.5 line spacing), approx. 18,000 words; 15-20 pages ideal length
  • Authors' name(s) to be indicated below the paper title, with an * for a footnote giving title(s), full affiliation(s), full address(es), including e-mail addresses.h
  • A summary (abstract) in English, of 200 words at most
  • Figures: Original format to be submitted either in a separate file (Word, rtf, jpeg, Excel, and Powerpoint are all acceptable) or embedded in the text.
  • Alphabetical list of references (bibliography) at the end with full details.
    The presentation of references is as follows:
    Books: Baumol, William J. and Wallace E. Oates (1988). The Theory of Environmental Policy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Articles: Weitzman, Martin L. (1974). Prices vs. Quantities, Review of Economic Studies. 41: 477-499. Articles from books: Borcherding, Thomas E., Werner W. Pommerehne and Friedrich F. Schneider (1990). Comparing the Efficiency of Private and Public Production, in: Samuel H. Baker and Catherine S. Elliot (eds.), Readings in Public Sector Economics. Lexington (Mass.): D.C. Heath and Company: 397-413.
  • Citation in the text: Downs (1987, p. 123) states '..........' (single marks for quotations).


  • Footnote numbers should follow on throughout the manuscript. Footnotes should be indicated as follows: abc1, and enumerated thus: 1. xxx.
  • Headings: Main Headings with Roman numerals (I., II., ...) and CAPITALS (not bold); Sub-headings with Arabic numerals and in italics (1., 2., ...)
  • Expressions foreign to the language of the article should be in italics.
  • Equations to be numbered on the right-hand side, near the margin, (1), (2), etc.
  • Please use as few abbreviations as possible.
  • Carefully check all citations: the editorial staff are not responsible for the accuracy of the bibliographical references.